(Possibly) The Plan

I have a vision for what I want Space Monkey Death Sequence to be. Sonically, I’m not going to necessarily commit to a style; I’m planning to go with what feels right in the moment. That being said, the goal is to have this project span five albums. I’d like each one of them to represent a stage in the sleep cycle (1, 2, 3, 4, REM).

The reasoning behind this is that the musical aesthetic of People Are Alike All Over was influenced heavily by the sensation of falling asleep. I figure I’d like to follow that path, not only to see where it leads me, but I would love to musically capture the process of sleep if I can. I’m not sure if PAAAO necessarily represents Stage 1 permanently, but at the moment it does.

PAAAO‘s follow-up album has been completed and it will serve as Stage 2, but more on that later.

(This is all just an idea though, I don’t know if I’ll actually make five SMDS albums or go through with this concept. It sounds viable right now.)


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